In recent months, we have seen a number of changes take place across our economy as the Government tries to fight the global pandemic known as COVID-19. Understandably this has had a solid impact on the business community and the willingness of the lenders to lend money to SME’s.

This doesn’t mean it is now impossible to get a loan for your business but it does mean that your business now more than ever needs to be in a position to demonstrate a solid business case and prove its financial worth to a lender if you are to successfully get approved for a loan.

With the banks each taking their own individual stances on which industries and goods they are willing to write loans for this makes having a trusted advisor for your business;  someone who understands the business and who can negotiate loans on your behalf; even more important.

Given this situation, I have recently created a detailed Special Report available for FREE download which outlines 10 KEY ACTIONS I believe you need to take to get your loan approved in these unprecedented times.

Here’s a taste of what’s inside…

#1 How the current environment is impacting business lending

#2 What you need to know to get your request for capital or money approved.

#3 The impact choosing to have your current loan repayments deferred may have on your ability to get a loan in the future.

To access the Free Report titled BUSINESS LENDING IN THE CURRENT CLIMATE, simply CLICK HERE and download the report today!

Alternatively, should you be concerned about the impacts of the situation on your business and/or its impacts to your businesses current/future lending or are considering applying for a loan in the future I’d be happy to have a phone chat with you to help you get your head around things – no cost, no obligation.

Simply follow this link to my calendar to find a time that works for you. We’re all in this together and I’d be happy to help.

Alternatively you can also contact me by texting or calling 0431 177 605 or via our Contact Us page.

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