2 Minutes on the Couch with Alex Price from SS Car & Truck Brokers

At Black Granite Finance, we get to meet and chat to loads of interesting and hard working business owners and so we thought it was about time we started to introduce some of them to you.

To kick us off, we have asked Alex Price from SS Car & Trucker Brokers a few questions about what he does and what his learnt since starting in business over 15 years ago.

1/ Why and when did you start SS Car & Truck Brokers?

I started SS Car & Truck Brokers so I could offer a better service to customers and to save them time and Money. I started the business in April 2004

2/ What does SS Car & Truck Brokers do?

We provide a Car buying service for customers in Business, Fleet and private customers like your mums and dads. We take care of the whole process of buying a New or Used Car and truck

3/ What’s your favourite thing about running SS Car & Truck Brokers?

I enjoy knowing that I have provided my customers whether they are buying New or Used with a professional service that has saved them Time and Money and I have taken the hassle out of buying a vehicle.

4/ What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learnt since running SS Car & Truck Brokers?

Since starting SS Car & truck Brokers I have realized that customers are very time poor and they just don’t have the time or the patients to drive from Car Yard to Car yard to look at cars all over the city. With my service I take car of all of that and I will beat most dealers prices 95% of the time on New and Used Vehicle

5/ If I’m interested in getting help buying or selling a truck or car what is the best way to get in touch with SS Car & Truck Brokers?

The best way to get in contact with me is to call us on 1300 731 282 or send me and email or text and I will give you a call back. You can also visit us at www.sscarbrokers.com.au

Thanks Alex for taking the time to chat to us.

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